Monday, January 30, 2006

Hitting in the location bar re-submits a posted form?

Okay, this one boggles my mind a bit.

Step 1: Submit a form via post.
Step 2: Click on the location bar to highlight the URL
Step 3: Hit return.

At least when you have variables in a GET request contained in the URL, IE decides that it won't let you submit a form a second time.

Wait, wtf?! I don't want you to submit the form (remember - method="post" for this one), I want you to fucking go to the URL in the location bar. And don't you fucking tell me I can hit refresh to resubmit the form - I don't want to!

But no. I need to go somewhere else, paste the url back in there and then it will let me go there.

Thanks, guys. Really intuitive...

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Friday, January 13, 2006

What if I want to...say...code for IE 5.5, IE6 and IE7?

In this rare occurance, Apple and Microsoft share the same fucking moronic mistake. Apple a little less-so than MS, but still.

I know we all have ways of shoe-horning more than one version of IE onto PCs, but it really shouldn't take unsupported hacking in order to test more than one version of a browser on one fucking machine.

And anyone who brings up Virtual PC as a solution to this deserves to get dragged out into a parking lot and beaten to a bloody pulp. If I had the money to waste on crap like that, I'd get another machine and have something that I can actually use.

For those interested in the alternatives for testing more than one version of IE on one machine, go for it.

Multiple IEs in Windows (via css-discuss: BrowserTesting)

For those of us that would like to test with different versions of Safari (a.k.a. WebKit), the WebKit site has some info on how to do just that (and also how to build and run nightlies).

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bonus reason from Ajaxian on IE's overflow nonsense

This one touches on the wonderous overflow bug in IE: CSS Quicktip: overflow: hidden; and IE

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Damn Managers

Microsoft has wedged their browser into the minds of some Windows users so far that even though (for instance) a manager has Firefox open to run through what you've worked on, they open IE in order to get to Google. It doesn't matter that Firefox has a fucking built-in Google search box.

More of a political reason as to why IE sucks, but still a very valid one.

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