Monday, January 30, 2006

Hitting in the location bar re-submits a posted form?

Okay, this one boggles my mind a bit.

Step 1: Submit a form via post.
Step 2: Click on the location bar to highlight the URL
Step 3: Hit return.

At least when you have variables in a GET request contained in the URL, IE decides that it won't let you submit a form a second time.

Wait, wtf?! I don't want you to submit the form (remember - method="post" for this one), I want you to fucking go to the URL in the location bar. And don't you fucking tell me I can hit refresh to resubmit the form - I don't want to!

But no. I need to go somewhere else, paste the url back in there and then it will let me go there.

Thanks, guys. Really intuitive...

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