Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just so IE7 doesn't feel left out: phishing detection

IE7 introduces a whole lot of new functionality that many of us developers have waited five years for.

...and some new crap that nobody asked for.

For instance: IE7 now looks at sites you navigate to in order to try to catch phishing sites. Sounds cool, right? order for them to pull this off, they send every fucking site that opens in your browser (news, mail, porn, political opinion) to their own goddamn servers.

Now, some of you may think,"Of course, they won't keep track of anything you view," or,"Why do you care? Do you have something to hide?"

To those of you who live in the U.S. (a fair amount who do would say something like that), I say,"Read your fucking Constitution one more time. Better yet, print it out and read it every goddamn morning. If you still don't get it: thank you for reading Mr. President."

For those of you running Windows: most likely you run anti-virus software. When that software wants to test a file for known viruses, I can pretty much guarantee you that it doesn't fucking upload the file to a server somewhere, check it, and return the results to you. No, it periodically updates a database on your machine and checks against that.

Just for an added note to those who may stupidly ask why they should care if they don't view anything they don't need to hide:

If it relies on a remote server, someone could attack you by sticking a worm on your machine that redirects all traffic going to the "help, does this look like a phishing attempt?" site MS setup to another page that simply approves everything. Which means that feature now does jack shit to protect you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man love your website.

I can't beleive they do that. Well actually i can, but it still sucks

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