Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Extended Crunch Time - Thanks Internet Explorer!

Internet Explorer has expanded the crunch time I've wallowed in for the last couple of months and will keep it going for just a bit longer. Other things have caused the extension as well, but for every JavaScript/CSS change, I need to double the time just to get that piece of shit known as Internet Explorer to render correctly.

This would all go a hell of a lot smoother if I had something like Firebug for IE.

But no.

I get stuck with useless fucking error message after useless fucking error message. "Line 174. Expected identifier." Well thanks, dipshit! I have several linked files, none of which have an error on line 174!!! I can comment code out, move logic around, add alerts to my heart's content and it doesn't change a thing. Can I drop IE support yet?

It fucking feels like trying to debug errors as described to me by a computer-illiterate retiree.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No min-width support...still...

So the IE developers keep saying that they'll support more of the CSS2 spec (yes, CSS2 - we have no fucking hope of getting any CSS3 in there for a while), but they haven't put min-width support into the betas yet. Still. Min-width and min-height did not suddenly spring out of the fucking air! Why so long to implement these things? I feel like I should consider myself lucky that IE6 supports things like anchor tags.

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