Friday, January 26, 2007

Development time

How the fuck does a developer with years of experience and sought after by many of the big-name web companies, suddenly realize that dealing with IE shit still takes up a shockingly large part of development? Why the fuck does anyone still support this sorry excuse of a browser?

Oh, yeah...people still don't know any better. These people ( or "managers" and "goddamned mislead, fucking ignorant masses", by which I prefer to reference them) use it day after day, not knowing that they see the "Internets" (I want to fucking kill anyone using this word...) through fucked-up glasses, not actually making out a single thing as intended. They get a warped view of things and don't even know that things can look so much better!

IE7 introduces CSS support matched (and largely surpassed) by every other browser for years...big fucking deal. It also crippled its DOM support even more, if you can imagine that, and slowed its scripting/DHTML runtime from "fucking slow" to "holy shit, I think the motherfucking ice caps melted before my animated transition ended" in the process.

Development of something so simple as CSS menus should take, at most, a day. I mean really, nicely done, slick menus. With CSS, something with which IE6 has a nodding acquaintence and IE7 took up the ass because it had to or it would get fucking killed. But in order to support the piece of shit that will exist in full support from Microsoft for altogether too goddamn long, I have to spend hour after hour trying to teach IE6 what the fuck it should do, instead of finishing my work and moving on to something else.

Edited 1/26 to clean up the post from the initial no-sleep version. Now includes slightly more coherent phrasing and punctuation.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Further evidence that IE7 still sucks

According to one arse-ow, IE7's JavaScript engine sucks even worse than IE6. Though he phrases it in such a way as to bring to mind the sharp edges of IE7's acronym causing some nasty scrapes that make it difficult to urinate without screaming:

IE7’s JSFoo sucks so badly it’s painful!

A quick excerpt from the post, before he gets into the more technical explination:
Since I work for IBM, I can’t officially say that IE sucks in my code comments — someone complained..

But by god I can say it here… IE7’s javascript engine is complete shit. They need to scrap it completely and start over. Firstly, It’s sloooowww.. IE7’s JS is slower than IE6.. which I find to be impressive as IE6 was slow as hell..

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Still fucking here

I assure you I have had no trouble finding new and wonderful ways in which IE sucks fucking balls. The time to encapsulate it coherently and write about it, however, has escaped me lately.

So today, you get a link to just how much IE makes it fucking painful to work with element attributes, as written by Tobie Langel (someone who, according to their about page, has no comment).

"I've had this article in mind for a while, as I have fiddling with Internet Explorer's crazy handling of attributes in order to patch Prototype's $$() utility.

"Well, fiddling wasn't cutting the deal, so I ended up doing some large scale testing (basically running thousands of test using a sample HTML 4.01 document from W3C) to try to figure out what was going on."

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