Friday, May 26, 2006

Help IE not much

Please, please, please chime in at the IE Blog to let developers know that more than Visual Studio Whatever Edition, more than alpha-released Web Developer Toolbars that don't really have much of anything to do with JavaScript, Web Developers need a JavaScript console for Internet Explorer. Especially after using Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. for so long this seems like such a basic tool that you'd think we just hadn't found where to enable it all these years.

I would prefer the ability to port extensions like Firebug (new 0.4 release!) over to Internet Explorer, but that simply can't and won't happen for a multitude of reasons.

So go tell the Internet Explorer team to make Internet Explorer suck just a little bit less and incorporate a JavaScript console. Either that, or just kill the fucking browser once and for all so none of us have to put up with this shit any longer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out my Web Development Helper addin for IE - it had a script console, and better script diagnostics... early but something nonetheless.

9:04 AM  
Blogger The Hater said...

Whoa, a SharePoint site. That brings back some harsh memories...

I've heard good things about WebDevHelper, though I haven't had much luck actually triggering it (or, admittedly, time to give it the ol' college try). Where should I look for documentation? The site seems a bit sparse as far as that goes.

11:41 PM  

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