Tuesday, October 24, 2006

IE7 still refuses to listen to dynamically changed attributes

As I've covered previously, IE6 simply would not listen to changes made to an elements attributes. If you asked the element for its className immediately after assigning it a new one, it would proudly tell you that it assigned it. But it would fucking refuse to actually apply any kind of rendering change to the element.

IE7, just released, still doesn't get it. Guys, when I give you a new className or any other attribute a new value, I fucking mean it.

So until this works, any dynamically changing attributes need have the element's parentNode's innerHTML set to itself. Yes, set to itself... Just because IE knows changes get made doesn't mean that it listens. You have to sprinkle your code with:

// Seriously, IE. I really fucking meant that: change the goddamn class.
changed_element.parentNode.innerHTML = changed_element.parentNode.innerHTML ;

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 has Escaped

IE7 has just stumbled out of Microsoft and into the hands of the general public. It's hangover from getting high on CSS it had until now only heard about as "the really good shit" has started to kick in and it can't find enough DOM support to mellow things out again.

Microsoft's latest (and, don't get me wrong, entirely encouraged) round of shit-shining has yielded some vast improvements to CSS support, some improvements to its DOM support, and fuck-all to its JavaScript (or BULLSHIT, as they call it). Even so, I welcome this major step forward in hopes that people will, at the very least, end up using a browser that at least gets us past the days of contaminating our stylesheets with * html and width: (x); _width: (x - suck);. Hopefully, some of the IE users out there will get a chance to see how some real browsers have beaten it several times over in performance, stability, features, extensibility, and standards support.

Whichever way you feel about it, install IE7 and throw a fucking bitch-fest at whatever sites don't support it yet. The faster we get the mainstream to support IE7, the faster their developers will start looking at developing with actual standards instead of browser-specific nonsense.

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