Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Further evidence that IE7 still sucks

According to one arse-ow, IE7's JavaScript engine sucks even worse than IE6. Though he phrases it in such a way as to bring to mind the sharp edges of IE7's acronym causing some nasty scrapes that make it difficult to urinate without screaming:

IE7’s JSFoo sucks so badly it’s painful!

A quick excerpt from the post, before he gets into the more technical explination:
Since I work for IBM, I can’t officially say that IE sucks in my code comments — someone complained..

But by god I can say it here… IE7’s javascript engine is complete shit. They need to scrap it completely and start over. Firstly, It’s sloooowww.. IE7’s JS is slower than IE6.. which I find to be impressive as IE6 was slow as hell..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

IE7 does suck, I can't even get it to allow me to copy text off the internet, a handy tool to do quick searches, and as usual MS is no help in finding out how to fix, loaded up firefox and no problems. What a p.o.s. IE7 is when you can't even use such simple tools that have been around forever...

12:23 PM  

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