Sunday, February 25, 2007

Security enhacements, my ass

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Molly, I envy you...

Okay, so this happened over a week ago. Well, fuck me for having a life.

Molly's recent move from working with the IE team to working for the IE team basically gives her the job I would love. Microsoft now pays her to tell them how much their browser sucks ass, in which ways it sucks ass, and how they should really just support the same fucking standards everyone else does.

As the woman who has no problem putting Bill on the hot seat, on record, on his own turf, she definitely fits the job well. We can all start breathing a little easier knowing that the IE team has someone pushing their nose in the DOM, JavaScript, and CSS support they shit out years ago, to keep the same mistakes from happening again.

I just don't understand why they didn't come to me first. I would have no fucking problem telling them how much developers would rather suck Satan's spiked cock than write their way around another IE bug.

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