Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Request to join the IE8 Technical Beta program

Work and life have taken over for a while, but I have not given up the fight.

As a web developer with almost ten years of real-world development and usability experience, I would like to express my interest in joining the IE8 Technical Beta program. I have worked with IE since version 3, and would bring a valuable perspective of a developer working with the tool in their day to day tasks. I will have no problem detailing the exact issues that I come across, including as much information as I can pertaining to the issue, while remaining professional.

I invite you read what I write on my own blog while knowing that my profanity and vitriol will remain confined there. I have every motivation to help you make IE8 the best release we've ever seen, as it will only make my life (and the life of my clients) better.


You may notice a distinct lack of "fuck," "shit," and "you lying motherfuckers" in my request. In order to actualy have any hope of them taking my request seriously, I have to keep that shit here. Plus, the fucking SMTP server rejected my first goddamn email because I dared include a link to my own site, since it contains the word "sucks" (honestly...The Simpsons has worse language than that).

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