Friday, February 13, 2009

Recommended reading

In no particular order:

Security expert: Microsoft should cut IE’s links to Windows:
'"If Microsoft removed IE from Windows and made it independently updatable, I think you'd get improved update performance," said Kandek.

Although pulling IE from Windows would mean that Microsoft would have to come up with a different mechanism for Windows Update — currently the service relies on IE — Kandek believes the benefit to users would be significant. "Taking IE out of the [monthly] patch cycle would give us better protection," he said.'
All Aboard the IE8 Fail Bus:
"After installing the very first IE8 beta, and having it completely hose my Vista box at work, I was a bit wary about installing the latest releases of this as-yet-unofficial web browser. When IE8 was first announced, I thought there was a lot to be excited about. Microsoft appeared to finally be taking standard’s compliance seriously. They seemed to be a lot more open to what the problems with their browser were.

However, as things have progressed, I have less and less faith in Microsoft to finally put out a reasonable browser, let alone a good one."
Is your company testing on IE8 RC1?:
"Yes, the bane of every web developer's life, Internet Explorer, is now out in lovely version 8 RC1. The trouble is, no one seems to be testing on it. Not here, not our business partners - consumer facing businesses! What is wrong here?"
IE6 : "Arrivé à un certain état…":
"En 2001, c'était peut-être le top du top, mais plus aujourd'hui. Internet Explorer 6 plante comme un rien, ne supporte pas la transparence des PNG, n'implémente pas correctement les CSS, rencontre des problèmes absurdes avec Flash et ne propose pas de navigation par onglet. Comment faut-il le dire ? Internet Explorer 6 est complètement dépassé, un point c'est tout."
10 Reasons Why NOT to Use MSIE (Internet Explorer):
"Am I a Internet Explorer hater; No, but close. Consider This: If you have ever worked on a design or a particular cool feature for your web application and all went well people loved it and even your boss loved it. All to find out the ##*@@ IE, dosen't work the way you expect. Knowing myself well I wouldn't even bother. However we live in a strange world where inspite of the best avilable browsers being free, we still use IE. I am a big fan of Firefox, yes Opera and Safari are also really great.

Now comes the tricky part I can respect anyone using anyone of the listed browser above but, Why still people use IE. It just escapes me. I request all of you to please download our fav browser and use it instead of the Stupid, Unresponsive, Technical Blunder, and Arrogant IE."

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