Monday, December 12, 2005

Cache issues

Can IE please, please, just listen when I tell it to let go of its cache? I would go to the included files individually (css, javascript, etc.) and hit refresh if it didn't just fucking download the files and open them up in the text editor. When has that ever helped?

Workaround: downloading the Web Developer Toolbar for IE gives you a ton of useful...well, tools. Including: a few different ways of clearing the cache that don't involve going into several layers of options and dialogs!

There you have it: another reason as to why IE sucks hard and a way to get around it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your IE opens the files in a text editor? Wow, mine just tries to execute them in its fucking windows "jscript" interpreter.

Gotta click 'Download' and then open the file manually... in a 3rd party editor because notepad doesn't support newlines.

It's actually easier for me to walk downstairs and bypass three layers of security on the physical webserver and just fix my site in vi.

1:23 AM  

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