Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Comment of the week

This week's comment struck me as impressively creative simply due to how many fucking rants this anonymous commenter tried to cram into 75 words.
Well, microshit is doing it's best, and they have bettered any famous criminals to date, short of the Bushyboy admin...........organized crime at its best, thats the way to define vista and ie.........but, alas, in amerca, we now support criminals all the time, just look at the bailouts as an example........

In reality, micrshit is run by a geek, who is wanting to get revenge on the world cuz he's mad and hates himself
Anonymous managed to shove "microshit," criminal behavior, the Bush administration, organized crime, Vista, IE, the United States' social problems, bailouts, and the world/self hating behavior of Bill Gates all into the same, compact comment, like a condensed rock of hate, shit out at the site of an old post. Er...well done? Now go get some fucking ritalin and keep your thoughts on the same topic for more than a few words at a time. I see some good, old fashioned, Microsoft-raping commentary in there dying to get out.

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