Friday, December 12, 2008

Microsoft says IE6 has ignorant users who know nothing of security

A fantastic quote from the fantastic Register, which features Matt Crowley, Program Manager for IE "extensibility" at Microsoft:
'Why are so many people still using the security-challenged IE6? Crowley gives you the answer you already have. "People who use IE are not the most tech-savvy people. If you ask them about what security they have in place, they think you're talking about your house. It's more ignorance than anything else."'
This seems like a nice, big "FUCK YOU" to Microsoft's key partners. Only companies that suck Microsoft off on a regular basis would still use IE6. Only companies who have fundamentally broken intranet applications which rely on IE6's inherently fucked up "features" would need to force IE6 up the asses of their employees. Only companies with scores of Windows admins around to actually prime the asses of the new employees and do the rough shoving would fall into this category of "not the most tech-savvy people" of which Mr. Matt Program-Manager-at-Microsoft Crowley speaks.

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